Schwer is overtime hero vs Raiders

by Brian Stanton

It has been a disappointing end to the past two seasons for the Heroes, who finished one point out of the Xtreme Cup Playoffs in 2015-16 and two points out the season before. That qualifies as a very long postseason absence for this iteration of the Heroes; the first miss led to the firing of general manager Peter Jones.

His successor, Don Sweeney, is doing his best to remake and rebuild the team on the fly, while still keeping the Heroes in playoff contention to utilize the primes of players like Eric Todd and Brett Smith, and to not miss out on the final years of Jake Williams. But it isn't easy, and the Heroes will again have to have patience with their defense. The question is whether Sweeney and Heroes president Cam Neely will continue to have patience with coach Claude Julien, who they retained this summer. This, ultimately, is a team still on the bubble.